Everett to Seattle Commuter Finds Personal Solution to I-5 Commute Mess
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Everett to Seattle Commuter Finds Personal Solution to I-5 Commute Mess

Feb 9, 2017

Community Transit honors 4th Quarter commute champions

Snohomish County, Wash. – The commute between Everett and Seattle is one of most congested in the Puget Sound region and it gets worse every year. One Everett man found a way to combine telecommuting and public transportation to relieve his stress and do his part to relieve I-5 congestion.

Community Transit’s Smart Commuter Rewards and Curb the Congestion are two programs that target large employers and the most-congested corridors to reduce drive-alone trips, and recognize individuals who use smart transportation options.

The two innovative transportation demand management (TDM) programs are offered in addition to Community Transit’s bus, vanpool and paratransit service to help reduce traffic congestion and pollution, and encourage healthy travel options.

  • Smart Commuter Rewards is an incentive program that helps large businesses motivate employees to reduce their drive-alone trips to work.
  • Curb the Congestion [link archived] promotes smart transportation options to residents and employees on six of Snohomish County’s most congested corridors.

Each quarter Community Transit recognizes standout participants who are dedicated to smart transportation choices. Congratulations to the award winners for the 4th Quarter of 2016:

Curb the Congestion Champion of the 4th Quarter 2016

Jason Stolberg of Everett is dedicated to riding the bus or train every day for hisJason Stolberg commute to downtown Seattle. He also uses his flexible option of working from home to give him another opportunity to take one more car off I-5.

His alternative commuting efforts have helped him save more than $3,500 in commute expenses in the last year alone. Money isn’t the only thing Stolberg saved. By not driving to and from work the past year, he prevented 9,895 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the air. For his commitment, Stolberg was named the Curb the Congestion Champion of the 4th Quarter 2016.

“Even if there was no reward program, I would still do my alternate commuting regardless,” said Stolberg. “But it is wonderful this program exists to recognize those who are doing their part.”

Smart Commuter of the 4th Quarter 2016

Emma Ducay of Covington is a Quality Engineer Aide at Korry Electronics in Everett. Emma DucayFor more than five years she has been dedicated to carpooling with her husband to meet her vanpool for her daily work commute. As a result, her family has become a single car household.

Ducay loves the example of environmental stewardship she is able to model for her children by preventing 13,127 pounds of carbon dioxide emission in 2016. By carpooling and vanpooling, saved 16,246 drive-alone miles last year.

“This program helps save your car’s life and saves money, and you’ll realize how enjoyable, convenient and efficient it is to share the ride,” said Ducay.

Each quarter, participants in the Smart Commuter Rewards program who use a commute alternative an average of four days a week are eligible to submit a nomination for Smart Commuter of the Quarter. Four quarterly winners are selected by a group of Employee Transportation Coordinators who volunteer on the Community Transit Peer Advisory Board. That board also selects the Smart Commuter of the Year from the quarterly winners.

To learn more about the Choice Connections program and to sign up to start receiving rewards for your smart transportation choices, please visit www.communitytransit/ChoiceConnections.