Lynnwood residents invited to help select new transit services pilot

Lynnwood residents invited to help select new transit services pilot

May 17, 2021

Experimental program includes on-demand microtransit rides and a community van program

Community Transit is working with the City of Lynnwood to test new transportation services within the city. The goal is to identify public transit services that might help even more people within the growing city get from where they are to where they want to be, whether it is to work, school, medical appointments or running errands.

Starting today, residents can provide feedback on potential options under consideration:

  • Microtransit: This flexible service would operate within a defined service area. Customers can simply request a ride when they need it. Requests for pick-up and drop-off would be made using a mobile phone app or by making a phone call. Unlike existing transit services in the city, which mostly operate on fixed routes, the vehicles would run approximately one-half mile off a main corridor to get people closer to where they want to be.
  • Community Van: This would be an option for small groups of people who want to ride together. The vehicles would be parked at convenient locations in Lynnwood, such as City Hall or Edmonds College. Residents could request a van for use or join a trip that is already planned.

Customers of these services would pay the same local fare as they would on a regular bus. Every vehicle will be fitted with an ORCA reader, which enables easy payment and transfers between buses. Cash will also be accepted. The pilot service is expected to start in 2022.

Community Transit would like feedback on these options to determine need and interest. Lynnwood residents are invited to complete the survey by going to:

The deadline to respond has been extended to June 25.

“We are excited to partner with Community Transit to find innovative ways to provide dependable and flexible transportation options for our residents who travel through some of the most popular areas of Lynnwood,” said Lynnwood Mayor and Community Transit Board Member Nicola Smith.

Under the pilot, these services would be offered on a temporary basis to learn more about what customers’ transportation needs really are. Community Transit would then use this information to make future service decisions.

“With microtransit, customers don’t have to worry about following a set schedule,” said Community Transit Community Transportation Specialist, Alex Mehn. “We can use smaller buses that can go off the set route and get you closer to your destination,” he said.

Lynnwood was selected for this pilot program because of its large population size and many popular destinations. Community Transit worked with a diverse group of community organizations to understand residents’ travel needs. These services were developed to address accessibility, equity, flexibility, and safety. Lynnwood will also be the site of the northern terminal for Link light rail in 2024.

More information is available at