Van GO Grants Keep Our Community Moving

What is Van GO?

VanGOVan GO originated in 2000 following route cuts and eliminations due to the passage of I-695. At its regular February 3, 2000 meeting, Community Transit’s Board of Directors unanimously approved a staff proposal that six wheelchair accessible minibuses and six 15-passenger vans be granted to qualifying non-profit organizations throughout Snohomish County. The goal was to ease some of the pain for senior citizens, the disabled and youth caused by the service cuts.

Since then, Community Transit has granted 116 vehicles to non-profit organization in Snohomish County to provide transportation services to residents. Vehicles that are earmarked for surplus auction are instead granted to non-profit agencies. Usually, retired Community Transit vans sold at auction net a few thousand dollars each for the agency. By granting some of these surplus vehicles to community groups, they can continue to provide many times that value in transportation services.

Community Transit's Van GO program only accepts applications when the program is open. Sign up here and we'll contact you when Van GO is accepting applications.

2016 Van GO Recipients

Catholic Community Services
Community Resource Foundation
Goodwill Industries
Housing Hope
Mountlake Terrace Senior Community Group
Park Ridge Community Church
Seattle Area Youth for Christ
Senior Services of Snohomish County
Village Community Services
Young Life Capernaum Snohomish County