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Van GO: Surplus Vehicle Grant Program

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The application deadline for 2021 was November 30, 2021. Please feel free to email us to be contacted when 2022 applications are available.

What is Van GO?

Van GO is our opportunity to give back to the organizations that serve our communities every day. Through Community Transit's Van GO program, our vehicles that are earmarked for surplus auction are instead granted to nonprofit organizations. Through Van GO, our retired vans are used to help provide vital services and transportation to the people in our communities who need it most. 

Since 2000, Community Transit has granted 158 vehicles to nonprofit organizations in Snohomish County to provide transportation services to residents. Usually, retired Community Transit vans sold at auction net a few thousand dollars each for the agency. By granting some of these surplus vehicles to these nonprofits, they can continue to provide many times that value in transportation services.

How are vans awarded?

We recognize the important work every nonprofit in our community provides. We try to make our grant process fair and equitable and work to ensure that vans are awarded where they can have the greatest impact. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback about the applications process. 

The selection includes a review and evaluation process using the weighted criteria shown below. Additionally, geographic equity, diversity in population groups served, and whether an agency has received a grant vehicle previously will be factored into final decisions.

  • Demonstrated community benefit (weighted 50%) – Who do you serve and how could a van help your organization with the work it does? Explain clearly the scope and nature of your agency’s transportation needs and provide supporting data. Include what services you currently use, what other options are available to your organization. Share how your program will meet the needs of those you serve. 
  • The number of trips provided (weighted 20%) – How many trips will the van help your org provide to people in our community? Clearly define and document the number of passenger trips to be provided annually.
  • Clarity and quality (weighted 15%) – Provide a clear definition of transportation needs and planned vehicle use. Applications that clearly and thoroughly present the requested information have an advantage. Other factors such as legibility, application completeness, and supporting data are also considered. 
  • Service coordination (weighted 15%) –  How will your organization coordinate with other programs to get maximum use from the vehicle? Describe how your org's current and proposed services work with other transportation services in the area to ensure broad community benefits. 

WWAC Van GOWhich organizations are eligible to apply?

All nonprofit organizations and agencies with 501(c)3 status who primarily serve residents of the Snohomish County Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA) are eligible. 

The PTBA serves all incorporated cities and towns in Snohomish County with the exception of the City of Everett. The PTBA also includes the Tulalip Reservation and portions of unincorporated Snohomish County. 

Vehicle must be used for transportation-related purposes for citizens who live within Community Transit’s public transportation benefit area. 

Please note: Only one vehicle will be awarded per organization in an 18-month time frame.

2020 Public Transit Benefit Area


How does my organization apply?

The application deadline for 2021 was November 30, 2021. 

Questions about eligibility and other questions about the program can be answered by calling (425) 521-5362 or by emailing

Van GO stories

“The van has changed everything about how mobile our nonprofit can be for the homeless people we serve. Before this, we were not able to drive anyone anywhere.”

Angel Resource Connection CEO Penelope Protheroe

“We can do more when we have more, and the van has helped us do more.”

Millennia Ministries Executive Director Leilani Miller.

“Before we had the van, we were using our personal vehicles to help, but people were missing out on our programs because we couldn’t pick everyone up. Now we can,”

— Washington West African Center Executive Coordinator Pa Ousman Joof

Want more information about applying for Van GO?

Are you interested in applying for a Van GO grant? Share your information with us and we'll follow up. 

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