Seattle-Everett Service Disruption |Options for Travelling Northbound | Community Transit
Masks mandatory on all bus service

Seattle-Everett Service Disruptions

The best way to stay informed about service disruptions and cancelations is to subscribe to Rider Alerts. Or, refer to our Rider Alerts posted on our website or our @MyCommTransBus Twitter account.

Listed below are Snohomish County-Seattle travel options we recommend when main highways are closed and our service is rerouted or canceled.

Please note: road closures, detours, and other transit agency services may change, so suggested options and reroutes are subject to change. Please refer to other agency service information if making transit connections.

Stay Informed with Real-Time Alerts

Community Transit:

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King County Metro

Sound Transit

How to get into or out of Seattle if Community Transit or Sound Transit service in Seattle is canceled

Please note: road closures and detours may not always be the same when they occur, so suggested options and reroutes are subject to change.

Options for Downtown Seattle to Everett ServiceMap Showing UW Station and Northbound Routes 810, 821, 855

  • Take Link light rail to UW Station (see map, right.) At UW, take any of these bus trips to head northbound:
    • Board Route 810 (Monday-Friday only) to Lynnwood Transit Center to connect to all Community Transit & Sound Transit services. Additional buses will be on hand to accommodate all customers.
    • Take KCMetro Route 372 (UW to UW Bothell). Then transfer to Sound Transit Route 535.
  • Take KCMetro Rapid Ride E to Aurora Village Transit Center. Then take Swift Blue Line to Everett Transit Center, or connect to additional local Community Transit or Sound Transit service.
  • Catch a ride on Sounder North (Monday-Friday only) at 4:33 p.m. and 5:35 p.m. for Edmonds, Mukilteo and Everett Stations.






Map showing KCM Route 44 to RapidRide E. Take RapidRide E to Aurora Village to catch a northbound Community Transit bus during service interuptions

What if I-5 is Closed Late afternoon into evening?

If northbound I-5 is closed in downtown Seattle or if I-5 is closed at SR 520:

  • All northbound buses returning from Seattle may return via I-90 east and I-405 north, or will use Eastlake to 45th St. to I-5.


  • ST Route 512: NB- 45th St. will be the first stop served during events that close Seattle access.


  • Northbound Route 413 (the only Community Transit route still operating in the late afternoon and evening) – will start service at Lynnwood Transit Center and continue to the final destination. Riders need to get to Lynnwood Transit Center from other routes to access this route.