Vanpool Incidents & Collisions - Emergency Help | Community Transit

Vanpool Incidents & Collisions

When things go wrong, we're here to help.

If you have questions or need guidance, please call the Vanpool emergency phone line at (425) 330-3527.


  • Check passengers & call 911
    Check passenger for injuries and call first responders for help.

  • Take pictures
    Take pictures of all vehicles involved. Include the license plates and damage in the photos. 

  • Exchange information
    Exchange information with the other driver(s). Name, address, phone number, insurance company and policy number.

  • Call Vanpool
    Call Community Transit’s Vanpool emergency phone: (425) 330-3527.

  • Stay at the scene
    Stay at the scene of the accident until released by the police or Vanpool staff.

Flat tire?

  • If safe, put on the spare tire
    Put the spare on if the van is in a safe location and you are able to change the tire. Instructions on changing the tire are in the owner's manual in your glove box.

  • Contact Vanpool for tire repair
    Contact the Vanpool office to schedule a tire repair.

  • Call Vanpool if unable to change the tire
    If you are not able to change the tire, call the Vanpool emergency phone at (425) 330-3527


  • Call Vanpool at (425) 330-3527
    If there is something wrong with the van and it’s not drivable, call the Vanpool emergency phone and we will make arrangements to pick up the van and help.

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Use the Gas Theft Form to document any theft of fuel from a Community Transit Vanpool van.

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