About BusFinder

What you should know about BusFinder

  • BusFinder is a Web App that works in your Internet browser. It is not an app that must be downloaded or installed. You can still save it on your phone like an app.
  • BusFinder displays GPS-based estimates of real-time bus departures at selected stops within the next 60 minutes. For trips you want to take at a later time or date, use Trip Planner.
  • Departure times are shown rather than arrivals because the bus may arrive early at certain stops (timepoints), but it will not leave before its scheduled time. At other stops that have an “E” in the schedules ("Estimated time"), the bus may depart earlier than shown on the schedule.
  • BusFinder data updates every minute. Hit the Refresh button to get the latest data. If the estimated departure time is not changing, the bus may be stuck in traffic, i.e., for two or three minutes the bus is still 10 minutes away because it has not moved.
  • Estimated times become more accurate as the scheduled time approaches. Check 15 or 20 minutes ahead to see when the bus will depart. Then recheck 5 or 10 minutes before. All it takes is for a bus to get all green or all red lights for estimated times to vary by several minutes.
  • Arrive early. Remember, it is always good advice to be at your stop 5 minutes before a bus is expected to depart. BusFinder will help reduce your waiting time.

How to use BusFinder

Search by stop number

  • Enter your stop number and select "Go" to get departure information.
  • The easiest way to use BusFinder is to know your stop number.
  • The stop number is a 1-4 digit number located on the bus stop pole and schedule poster at all Community Transit bus stops. For example, the stop pictured to the right is for Route 113 and this stop number is #1150.
  • The stop # can also be found printed in the upper right corner of the stop's poster.
  • BusFinder references only Community Transit stop numbers. A table showing King County Metro stops and their assigned Community Transit stop # is available here. You can always use BusFinder’s other search features (Stop Name, Map or Nearby Stops).

Search by Stop Name

  • Searching by Stop Name allows you to choose a stop based on street location.
  • Enter the street the bus travels on (for example, "Ash Way") and the bus stops along that street will be listed.
  • The less info you enter, the better (and quicker) your search! For example, enter "Main" instead of "Main St." or "Main Street."
  • Enter a primary street and nearest cross street, (for example, "State & 88th," to narrow down your results.
  • Instead of spelling out "and," use an ampersand (&).
  • Select a stop to get departure information.
  • BusFinder by Mobile Device also lets you use your smartphone or tablet’s GPS feature to find stops near your location. Using the Map or Nearby Stops features you can find bus stops close to you without knowing the stop number or street name. Tip: make sure "Location Services" are enabled on your device for your GPS feature to work.