How to Ride DART

How to Ride DART

Once you have gone through the application and approval process, this page can help you get started riding DART.

Community Transit DART Paratransit Service riders can help make their trip with us a success with the information on this page.

Paying for Your DART Ride

How do I pay for DART service?
How much does DART service cost?
What fare does DART accept?
How do I purchase DART passes and tickets?

Connecting With Other Services

How do I connect with other paratransit services?
How do I pay when transferring to other paratransit services?
What other bus systems are available in the region?

Riding With Others on DART

Can I bring my Personal Care Attendant?
Can I bring a companion with me on my DART trip?
May I bring children on my DART trip?
How do I travel with my service animal or pet on DART?

Using Wheelchairs & Medical Equipment

Can I use a wheelchair or mobility device?
What are DART's safety standards?