Riding Community Transit Buses

Riding Community Transit Buses

Community Transit has a vast, fixed-route bus network throughout Snohomish County. Your trip with DART can be planned in tandem with our bus service.

Community Transit buses operate on convenient and reliable schedules to major destinations. In many areas buses run every 15 minutes.

All Community Transit fixed-route buses can carry wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Most buses have a kneeling feature that makes it easier to step onto the bus. Many bus stops have benches and shelters.

Community Transit’s Travel Training Program can help teach new riders how to ride the bus. You can also call DART’s Customer Care team at (425) 347-5912 for more information on using local bus service for your trip.

You may pay your fare on Community Transit buses with cash, a DART pass, DART tickets or with an ORCA card. DART passes and tickets are good on all Community Transit buses at the face value of the ticket. To explore the fares on Community Transit buses, visit communitytransit.org/fares.

Transferring between DART and Community Transit buses

Transfers between DART and Community Transit buses usually take place at covered bus stops or park & ride lots.

When you use DART to get to or from the regular bus service, we can tell you where the nearest bus stop is for transferring.

Plan your trip or call (425) 353-RIDE (7433) or TTY Relay 711 for more information on the connecting bus service.

If you have a DART pass or DART ticket, they are good for their face value only on Community Transit buses. If you board a Community Transit bus with a higher fare than the current DART fare, you will need to pay the difference. You can also pay for the connecting bus service with cash or an ORCA Card. Learn more about our Fares and ORCA cards.

Reduced fare on buses

Any person who has a disability or is 65 years or older may get a Regional Reduced Fare Permit ORCA card. Whether or not you use this card to pay your fare, having it allows you to ride public transit buses and the Washington State Ferries throughout the Puget Sound Region at a discounted fare. You must show your Regional Reduced Fare Permit ORCA card when boarding a bus in order to pay with reduced fare.

If you need a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) to travel with you on the bus, be sure to say this on the application when you apply for the Regional Reduced Fare Permit ORCA card. When you show your card, the driver will see that you need a PCA. You must have this printed on the card for a PCA to ride the fixed-route bus for free.