Rider using a phone to schedule a zip shuttle

The Zip Alderwood Shuttle is a pilot on-demand shared ride service for travel anywhere within our Alderwood service area for the same price as our local bus fare. The pilot is set to end in October 2023.

We are considering making Zip a long-term, standard service beyond the pilot period. Thank you to those who gave input!

Title VI analysis and service plan

Read the Title VI analysis for the ZIP Alderwood Shuttle to learn more about making Zip a long-term, standard service.

Community Transit evaluates the effects of service proposals on minority, low-income, and limited-English-speaking populations. The Title VI Analysis found that the proposed Zip Alderwood Shuttle service does not have a disparate effect on minority, low-income, or limited-English speaking populations.

Next steps

The Community Transit Board of Directors will review your input and take action on the service proposal at their October meeting. Sign up for the Zip Alderwood Shuttle News to stay up to date on Zip.