Swift bus pulls away from a stop

Swift bus rapid transit is the easy, convenient way to get around Snohomish County. Swift features frequent service, fast boarding, and signal priority technology all designed to keep Swift moving quickly.

So how does it work? Let’s take a look at how Swift keeps things moving smoothly throughout your ride.

Welcome to the Swift station

  • Swift stations have a distinctive design that includes shelter, seating, and ticketing.
  • There are yellow ORCA card readers at each end of every Swift station.
  • The next bus sign will tell you when your bus will arrive — usually in just a few minutes.

Pay your Swift fare

  • On Swift you pay before you board to keep the buses moving quickly.
  • Pay your fare at the ticket vending machine or tap your ORCA card.
  • Keep your ticket with you as proof of payment.
Option 1: Tap on with an ORCA card

We recommend paying with an ORCA card for a contact-free and easy option. Load the card with funds or a monthly pass. Save money — with ORCA, you pay only once when you transfer. Your initial fare payment is applied to any participating bus, train, or ferry that you board for up to two hours.

Learn more about ORCA 

Option 2: Get a ticket with cash or card

If you’re paying with cash or credit card, follow the directions on the ticket vending machine by pressing the green “Start” button. The machine accepts $1 and $5 bills but does not give change. Swift tickets can be used for transfers between Swift buses for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Swift tickets are not valid on other routes. If the ticket expires before you finish your trip, you’ll need to buy another ticket. Keep your ticket as proof of payment.

How much does it cost to ride Swift?

Age 19–64
Age 18 and younger
ORCA LIFT and Reduced Fare Permit
Seniors 65+/Disabled/Medicare
Bus Rapid Transit
$2.50 FREE $1.25

Community Transit collects fares on all trips. Passengers are not authorized to ride without paying their full fare; if you choose to ride without paying your fare, you may be subject to a $124.00 fine (RCW 36.57A.230).

Get on board

  • Swift buses stop for about 10 seconds at each station.
  • Board through one of the three doors located in the front, middle, and back of the bus.
  • Swift buses offer full accessibility for wheelchairs, disabled passengers, bikes, strollers, and carts.

Wheels welcome!

accessible service for all riders
Use a wheelchair?
  • Board through the front door.
  • Easily access passive restraint options for a quicker ride, or use the standard safety belt.
Have a bike?
  • Roll your bike through the rear door and onto our innovative, interior bike rack.
  • When you get to your stop, just grab your bike and go. It's that easy!

Ride Swift

  • Swift stops at all stations. No need to push a button or pull a cord. When the bus stops, simply exit the bus and enjoy your day.
  • Each stop is announced and shown on the illuminated “Next Stop” sign.
  • Printed maps are displayed on each stop to show how many stops until your destination.

Need to transfer service?

When transferring to another bus or to light rail from Swift, you can use an ORCA card or cash. Swift tickets can only be used on Swift buses.

Paper transfers are not issued or accepted by Community Transit.

  • ORCA card transfers

    Using an ORCA card to pay can save you money for trips with multiple transfers. With ORCA, you can continue your trip on another bus or on light rail while getting credit for the fare you’ve already paid. ORCA transfers are valid for two hours after you first tap your card.

    If one part of your trip has a higher fare than you have previously paid, the ORCA reader will display the remainder owed and deduct it from your ORCA card.

  • Swift ticket transfer

    Transfers using Swift tickets are valid on Swift buses for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes after purchase. Swift tickets are only valid for transfer on Swift buses.

  • Cash

    If you are paying with cash and transferring to a bus that is not a Swift bus, full fare payment is required each time you board a new bus. Please use exact change.

  • Do I show anyone my Swift ticket?

    You don't need to show the bus driver your ticket, but please keep your ticket for proof of payment.

    You may be asked to show proof of payment by a Transit Deputy or one of our Service Ambassadors. They routinely board Swift to randomly check that riders have paid their fares. You will recognize our Service Ambassadors in Community Transit uniforms. They are also happy to answer any questions you may have, so don't be shy!