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Swift Fares: How to Pay

Swift is a different kind of bus service that is designed to get you there fast. Swift bus rapid transit is the easy, convenient way to get around Snohomish County.

SwiftORCAOn Swift, you pay your fare at the station before you board to keep the bus moving quickly. You can pay for your ride on Swift with cash or a credit card. If you ride often, getting an ORCA card makes it even quicker to pay and board.

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How much does it cost to ride Swift?

Swift fares are the same as other Community Transit buses:

  • $2.50 for adults (19–64)
  • FREE for youth (18 and under)
  • $1.25 for reduced fare (Senior 65+, Disabled, Medicare, ORCA LIFT)
Pay before boarding.  A $124 citation may be written for those who fail to pay their fare.


How do I pay my Swift fare?

There are two payment options for riding Swift:

Tap with ORCA

ORCA Smart Card is a great way to pay your fare since only ORCA automatically gives you a two hour transfer to other buses. There are two ORCA card readers, one at each end of the station platform. Just tap your card and hop on! Learn more about ORCA.

Get a ticket

If you're paying with cash or credit card, follow the directions on the ticket vending machine by pressing the green "Start" button. The machine accepts $1 and $5 bills but does not give change. Tickets are valid only on Swift and are good until the expiration time shown (90 minutes). If the ticket expires before you finish your trip, you'll need to buy another ticket. Make sure to keep your ticket as proof of payment.

How do I transfer?

Swift transfers work differently depending on your fare:

  • If you paid using an ORCA card, you have an automatic two-hour transfer to all other buses, including Swift. Make sure to tap your card at the ORCA reader each time.
  • If you paid using a Swift ticket, you can transfer to another Swift bus until the ticket expires (90 minutes). Transferring to any other bus will require paying another full fare for that bus.

Do I show anyone my ticket?

SwiftServiceAmbassadorYou don't need to show the bus driver your ticket, but please keep your ticket for proof of payment. You may be asked to show proof of payment by Transit Police or one of our Service Ambassadors. They routinely board Swift to randomly check that riders have paid their fares. You will recognize our Service Ambassadors in Community Transit uniforms. They are also happy to answer any questions you may have, so don't be shy!

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