Safe and Healthy Tips for Riding Transit
Here's what we're doing to help keep our customers and employees healthy and safe.

Join a Vanpool

As one of the largest Vanpool programs in the nation, we are proud to offer many options for an easy, fast, and cost-effective commute. 

Get Matched with a Vanpool

  • Use our Vanpool Seat Finder tool to match with existing Vanpools.
  • You will be shown Vanpools from all transit agencies within the region that match your commute.
  • Please use the driver information for each Vanpool listed to contact the driver directly and ask about seat availability, fares and drop off/pick-up locations for their specific vanpool.

Find a Vanpool

No Match? No Problem!

If your initial search does not show any Vanpool matches, try again using only the origin and destination cities and not a specific address. This will broaden search results to a wider area. You can then reach out to the Vanpool driver to determine if the Vanpool route will work for your commute. 

Still can't find a match? Reach out to a Vanpool Coordinator to learn about starting your own vanpool. Please contact a Vanpool coordinator at (425) 438-2867 or email 

You can also click here to learn more about starting your own Vanpool.