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Connecting Snohomish County buses to Northgate Link light rail in 2021

Bus on University of Washington CampusAs Link light rail expands north toward Snohomish County, Community Transit and Sound Transit are exploring bus service changes to connect riders with fast, reliable service to the University of Washington, downtown Seattle and other regional destinations when Northgate Link opens in 2021.

Initial outreach and a public survey on this idea were conducted last November and December. Based on input from our riders and the general public, adjustments have been made to the original proposal.

Our revised service proposal

• Increased trip frequency and longer operating hours for select routes, especially in the evening.
• More choices for riders to transfer to light rail at Northgate or continue to downtown Seattle by bus.

Sound Transit 510 series
• Maintain direct bus service from Everett to downtown Seattle via ST Express Route 510.
• Routes 511, 512 and 513 will connect to Link at Northgate.

Community Transit 400 and 800 series
• Community Transit 400 series bus routes will maintain direct service to downtown Seattle.
• Community Transit Routes 810, 821, 860, 871 and 880 will connect to Link at Northgate.
• Route 821 service will replace Route 855 at Lynnwood Transit Center.

The two agencies are seeking public input by May 6 at

For more information, contact:, or call (425) 353-7433 (RIDE).

Learn more about the proposal by downloading this handout:


Image of Link Connections Northgate rack card for


Title VI Analysis

A Title VI analysis of this service proposal has been prepared by Community Transit.