Connecting Snohomish County buses to light rail in 2021

Bus on University of Washington CampusAs Link light rail expands north toward Snohomish County, Community Transit and Sound Transit are exploring bus service changes to connect riders with fast, reliable service to the University of Washington, downtown Seattle and other regional destinations when Northgate Link opens in 2021.

Community Transit has proposed connecting all 800-series buses (University District and University of Washington routes) to Link light rail at Northgate, while continuing all 400-series buses to downtown Seattle. Sound Transit has proposed connecting 510-series buses from Snohomish County to Northgate.

Initial outreach and a public survey on this proposal was conducted last November and December. 

The two agencies will present a revised proposal for public comment in April 2020.

King County Metro launched their service restructure proposal on January 22, available here: North Link Connections Mobility Project. This includes routes and connections around the University District and University of Washington. Snohomish County bus riders are encouraged to visit Metro's site to learn more and provide feedback.

For more information, contact:, or call (425) 353-7433 (RIDE).