Getting around Gold Bar with Community Transit

An image of a bridge over a river in Gold Bar, WA

Community Transit is here to get you where you want to go. We are proud to be a part of the Gold Bar community — we live here, ride here, and drive here. Wherever you need to go in Gold Bar,feel good about how you get there.


About Gold Bar

Gold Bar is located on the Skykomish River between Sultan and Index, connected by U.S. Route 2. The population was 2,403 at the 2020 census.

Gold Bar is known as a white-water rafting destination for those seeking to float the Skykomish River. One of the most popular low elevation hikes in the metro Seattle area, the trail to Wallace Falls, is located on the north margin of the city. More than 160,000 people visit Wallace Falls State Park annually.

People traveling to and from the area can take Community Transit's Route 270/271, which runs between Gold Bar, Sultan, Monroe, Snohomish, and Everett. Gold Bard Park & Ride is an option for riders, too. Community Transit's DART paratransit service and Vanpool are also options for local riders.

Popular Destinations

  • Reiter Foothills Trailhead
    14828 429th Ave SE
  • Wallace Falls State Park
    14503 Wallace Lake Road

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