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Connecting Snohomish County buses to Northgate Link light rail in 2021

Fall Service Change 2021


Starting this October, Snohomish County transit riders will get their first direct connection to regional light rail. All Community Transit 800-series bus routes and three Sound Transit bus routes will connect to the 1 Line light rail at the new Northgate Station (Sound Transit is changing the name of Link light rail to 1 Line).

People traveling to the University of Washington, downtown Seattle or anywhere along the 1 Line can take any of these routes to connect to light rail: 511, 512, 513, 810, 821, 860, 871, or 880. Light rail travel time from Northgate to the U District is expected to take six minutes, and the trip from Northgate to downtown Seattle is expected to take 14 minutes.

There are 48 new trips added to the 800-route schedules for frequent connections from light rail back to Snohomish County.
Community Transit 400-series routes and Sound Transit Route 510 will continue to provide direct bus service between Snohomish County and downtown Seattle.

Click the button for a summary of added, changed, and reduced services. Trip-planning data and detailed route schedules will be released in early September.


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Rider Tips

What you should know about UW, bus frequency, Metro changes, new trips from Northgate, and Sound Transit name changes.

  • University of Washington start date: Fall Quarter at the UW begins on Sept. 29. The changes to the 800-series routes occur during the second week of school, on October 4.
  • Bus frequency: At Northgate, Sound Transit buses will travel north all day and on weekends. On weekday afternoons and evenings, 800-series routes will leave Northgate Station every 15-minutes to ensure quick trips back to Snohomish County.
  • Metro changes at UW: King County Metro is changing its bus service around the UW campus. Riders should check Metro’s fall schedules for possible connections at the U District station.
  • New trips from Northgate: King County Metro is changing its bus service at Northgate. Snohomish County riders should check Metro’s fall schedules for new trip options, such as to South Lake Union.
  • Sound Transit name changes: Sound Transit is changing the name of Link light rail to 1 Line and Sounder North to N Line. Community Transit will be using these new names in its communications.


Overview of Transit and 1 Line Connections


King County Metro Connections to UW

Map of light rail stations and bus lines around the U District and University of Washington