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Swift ticket machine upgrade will allow multi-rider purchases

Jan 9, 2018, 01:19 PM

New Ticket Vending Machine ticket in use at Merrill Creek StationAn upgrade to the ticket vending machines along the Swift Blue Line will allow cash customers to pay for multiple riders in the same purchase.

The upgrade will be tested at one of the two Everett Station machine pairs in January. If all goes well, ticket machines at all Swift stations will get the upgrade over the next two months.

The vast majority of Community Transit bus riders use the ORCA smart card to pay their fare. By pre-paying to load the card with fare value ahead of time, all it takes is a tap of the card to board a bus. On Swift buses, where there is no fare box, cash-paying customers buy a ticket at the station. Until now, each rider bought a ticket separately.

The upgraded machines are easier to use than the old ones. If you have questions or comments about the new screen flow, call Customer Service at (425) 353-7433 (RIDE). Get additional tips on using the new ticket machines here.

All Swift Green Line stations will have the upgraded ticket machines when that bus line starts operation in 2019.