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Update: Rtes 247 & 422 Bus Access to I-5 & 116th St Park & Ride

Sep 10, 2018, 02:37 PM

Update: September 10, 2018

The diagram below shows pedestrian walkways, crosswalks, and bus stops that will be available once the 116th / I-5 Freeway Interchange construction is complete.

Buses will stop along the onramps north of 116th to pick up and de-board passengers. The following features will be in place to allow safe, convenient access to bus stops:

  • Pedestrian walkways will connect customers to the I-5 bridge from Marysville II Park & Ride and residential areas on the west side of the interchange. The walkways will be on the bridge deck, separated from traffic on the bridge.
  • Crosswalks on the interchange will allow east-west access to bus stops.
  • A traffic signal at the center of the bridge deck will control traffic flow with the assistance of bus detection technology, allowing for safe east-west crossing.

Please note some details are subject to change before the interchange officially opens. Click on the image for a larger view. 

116th St & I-5 Freeway Exchange Diagram as of September 2018

What you should know:

  • Some parking stalls continue to be closed for WSDOT construction purposes.
  • Additional parking is still available along the east side of 34th Avenue NE. 
  • Community Transit will continue to provide bus service to the I-5/116th St. Park & Ride during and after construction of the new freeway interchange.
  • The completion of the interchange project is scheduled for Fall 2018.

For project details, please visit WSDOT’s website at https://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/I5/116thStInterchangeImprovements/default.htm