Big changes are coming to Community Transit as light rail reaches Snohomish County later this year. You’ll have more travel options in Snohomish County, more bus service, and improved regional transit connections.

Community Transit proposed a fare change to make your travel experience easier. The change would remove the Community Transit commuter fare.

When will fares change?

At the June 6 monthly board meeting, the Community Transit Board voted to eliminate the agency's commuter bus fare in September. Starting Sept. 1, before the fall service change, all standard adult fares will be $2.50. This fare change applies to local bus, Swift, Zip Alderwood Shuttle, and DART paratransit services. The new rate also applies to Community Transit Express routes that will be introduced on Sept. 14.

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What’s changing?

Community Transit’s commuter routes to Seattle, including some ST Express routes, will be replaced with new or existing routes and light rail, on Sept. 14, 2024. New routes include a new Community Transit Express 900 series. Learn more about the changes on the Transit Changes in 2024 & Beyond webpage.

Community Transit will remove the commuter fare and define the fare for the Community Transit Express 900 series routes. Here are the details of the approved change:

Aged 19 to 64
Aged 18 and younger
Reduced Fares
ORCA LIFT, 65+, Disabled and Medicare
Bus and Zip
Our Swift bus rapid transit, local bus, Express 900 series bus routes, and Zip Alderwood Shuttle
$2.50 / ride
$90.00 Monthly Pass
$1.25 / ride
$45.00 Monthly Pass
All 400 & 800 series routes *
Commuter fare removed
DART Paratransit
For passengers with disabilities
$2.50 / ride
$90.00 Monthly Pass
FREE$2.50 / ride
$90.00 Monthly Pass
Shared commuting
Fares are based on daily roundtrip miles and van size, split by the number of riders. Calculate your vanpool costs.

Community Transit will change its fares on Sept. 1, 2024.  

  • Riders of our local routes, Swift lines, and DART Paratransit would continue to pay the same fare.  
  • Riders of commuter routes* will be traveling on new routes and pay the associated fare. Learn more about these changes on the Transit Changes in 2024 and Beyond webpage
  • Riders on the new Community Transit Express 900 series routes will pay $2.50 for the adult fare.  

* CT Route 424 will continue to operate until Link light rail runs trains at full capacity to Lynnwood in 2025. Starting Aug. 31, the adult fare on this route will be $2.50 ($90 monthly pass), and the reduced fare will be $1.25 ($45 monthly pass).   

What if I use Sound Transit?

Sound Transit Express bus route fares will continue to be $3.25 for adults.

Sound Transit Link light rail will charge a $3 flat fare starting fall 2024. If you transfer from a bus to light rail:

  • Using an ORCA card, you get credit for the fare you already paid. ORCA transfers are valid for two hours after you first tap your card. If one part of your trip has a higher fare than you have previously paid, the ORCA reader will display the remainder owed and deduct it from your ORCA card.
  • Using cash to pay your fare, full fare payment is required each time you board a new bus or light rail.

Title VI analysis

Community Transit evaluates the effects of proposed fare changes on minority, low-income, and limited-English speaking populations. The Title VI Analysis found that the proposed fare change does not have a disparate effect on these populations.

What happens next?

The Community Transit Board of Directors approved the fare change proposal on June 6.

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