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Fares, Policy and Transfers

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Local fares apply on all trips within Snohomish County, including service to Bothell and Aurora Village in Shoreline. Swift Blue Line and Swift Green Line charge local fares.

Commuter fares apply on all routes serving King County, in both directions.

Fare Policy

  1. When you pay with cash, please have the exact fare ready. Drivers do not make change
  2. Community Transit collects fares on all trips.
  3. Passengers are not authorized to ride without paying their full fare.
  4. If you choose to ride without paying your fare, you do so at your own risk and you may be subject to a $124.00 fine (RCW 36.57A.230).


  • Community Transit does not give transfers to cash customers.
  • If you pay with cash and take more than one bus or train to get to your destination, you will have to pay full fare each time you board.
  • ORCA cards give you transfer credit for two hours after you first tap your card.
  • Ticket vending machines at Swift stations dispense tickets good for 90 minutes from purchase on Swift buses only. You can use cash or Visa or Mastercard credit cards at Swift ticket machines. You can also buy tickets for up to 5 riders in a single purchase.

With ORCA, your transfer credit is automatically calculated based on the fare of your first trip. Simply tap your card on the second bus or at the ORCA card reader at the Swift station.

If the next trip you take has a higher fare, the ORCA reader will display the difference and either deduct it from the  "E-purse" value on your card or prompt you to pay the amount in cash.

King County Metro tickets and transfers are good on Metro buses only. Community Transit does not accept Metro tickets or transfers. If you travel on multiple systems, consider getting an ORCA card.