People LOVE Vanpool — help us spread the word!

People LOVE Vanpool — help us spread the word!

Jun 28, 2021

We make sharing the word about Vanpool super easy, and even rewarding.

Whenever we ask Community Transit Vanpool customers what they think about the service, we see satisfaction scores that are through the roof. People love their Vanpool and as more employees return to office work, the time has never been better to see what all the fuss is about.

What is Vanpool and why is it so great?

Community Transit Vanpool: A Better Way to Commute from Community Transit on Vimeo.

Community Transit’s Vanpool program makes getting to work easy, reliable and affordable. Commute with friends or coworkers to save time, money, and reduce your environmental impact by sharing the ride instead of driving alone. Travel faster in carpool lanes, get preferred parking at many worksites, enjoy priority ferry boarding, avoid tolls and more.

Ride with people you choose who have a similar commute, such as neighbors, coworkers, friends and family members. Each vanpool determines the schedule and route that works for your group. Relax knowing we’ve got you covered with one low monthly fare that covers everything — a comfortable and clean van, gas, insurance, maintenance, and a ride home in case of emergency.

Learn more about joining an existing vanpool or starting a new vanpool.

Already a Vanpool rider? Get rewarded for your referrals!

We know you love your van and your commute community. This is a great time to spread the word about Vanpool as friends and coworkers are making their back-to-work plans. We hope our helpful overview video makes it easy to help share the good news about Vanpool. Even better? We are rewarding current riders with a special incentive. Get a $50 gift card for each friend you refer to Vanpool!