Safety, expansion of Swift BRT lines, and redesign of transit network are top priorities in 2022

Safety, expansion of Swift BRT lines, and redesign of transit network are top priorities in 2022

Dec 7, 2021

Adopted budget outlines long-term improvements to serve the people of Snohomish County

Snohomish County, Wash. – The 2022 Community Transit budget details several projects that will have a lasting impact on public transportation by expanding travel options for riders in Snohomish County. Underlying these plans is the agency’s commitment to providing safe transportation for all.

Budget highlights include:

  • Providing safe transportation is one of the agency’s highest priorities in 2022. A combination of COVID-19 safety measures including masks, vehicle disinfection, and HVAC air filters help mitigate viruses. This year, bipolar ionization units, a type of air-purifying technology, will be added to vehicles.
  • Construction of the Swift Orange Line, Community Transit’s third bus rapid transit (BRT) line, will begin in 2022. The Orange Line is expected to open in 2024 with service between McCollum Park and Edmonds College, and a direct connection to light rail in Lynnwood.
  • Redesign of Community Transit bus network to coincide with light rail connections coming to Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace and Shoreline in 2024. This creates opportunities for improvements and additions to local Snohomish County bus routes.
  • Updates to the Long Range Plan to create a vision for transit through 2050. Part of this long-term planning will involve a study of zero-emission vehicles and new transportation options beyond regular bus service, including a test of microtransit, a flexible, on-demand service in Lynnwood.

“Safety is our highest priority. This budget ensures we will be doing everything we can to provide the safest possible experience for bus riders and employees.  People can count on our buses being clean with state-of-the art air purification technology,” said Community Transit CEO Ric Ilgenfritz. “At the same time, we will press ahead getting ready for light rail reaching Lynnwood by building a new Swift line, innovating with on-demand microtransit, and planning a robust network that improves mobility for all users.”

The 2022 budget anticipates a 5% increase in bus service from current levels. Total operating revenues are expected to be $263.1 million with total operating expenditures expected to be $171.9 million. Revenues include one-time stimulus funds from the federal government. View the budget at