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Commute Trip Reduction

Explore your commute options with Community transit. (Pictured: Vanpool riders).

Commute Trip Reduction rewards you for choosing a better commute and offers you the tools and resources to get started. When you choose a smart alternative to driving alone, your efforts reduce traffic, save money and time, and help the environment.

Commute Options

Time to try a new way to get around?  Not sure which option is best for you? Explore your alternatives to driving alone.


Driving to work alone can be expensive and stressful. Choosing an alternative to driving alone provides real benefits to you.

Health Benefits

Sharing the responsibility of driving with a carpool partner helps relieve stress and builds camaraderie. Biking and walking to work lets you combine your workout with your commute. Using an alternative to driving alone makes the task of getting to and from work a lot more enjoyable.

Saving Time and Money

Reducing commuting miles saves money on gasoline, car maintenance and insurance. In fact, riding or driving with someone else can cut commuting costs in half. Work options such as telework or a compressed work week give you more blocks of uninterrupted time for your work, yourself and your family. Alternatives to driving alone such as carpooling, vanpooling or riding the bus allow you to catch up on paperwork, read or even sleep.

Living Better

When you leave your car at home just a few days per week, you help improve our environment and quality of life. You are also taking steps in making a positive impact on climate change.

Incentives and Rewards

Get rewarded for carpooling, vanpooling, riding the bus, bicycling or walking instead of driving alone. Log just 48 days of non-drive alone trips per calendar quarter, and you could be eligible for our Smart Commuter Rewards (see below).


Smart Commuter Rewards

Smart Commuter Rewards is a quarterly incentive program that provides incentives for employees at large businesses to reduce their drive-alone trips and vehicle miles traveled. If you’re an employee of a Snohomish County or Bothell business with 100 employees or more, and log at least 16 days of non-drive alone trips per month on Rideshare Online, you could be eligible for the coveted Smart Commuter of the Quarter Award and a $100 prize.

We ask participants to complete and log at least 48 commuting days each calendar quarter using a mode other than driving alone each quarter on Rideshare Online. At the end of calendar quarter, Community Transit will pull a list of all participants who logged at least 48 days commuting by means other than driving alone during that period to be considered for the award. 

Transportation modes other than driving alone include:

  • riding a bus, ferry, train or light rail
  • ridesharing through a vanpool or carpool
  • walking
  • riding a bike
  • teleworking
  • working compressed work weeks such as four 10-hour days (4/10) or eight nine-hour days (9/80)