Swift Green Line

The Swift Green Line is Community Transit’s second bus rapid transit line. In early 2019, Swift buses will begin traveling between Canyon Park/Bothell and Boeing/Paine Field every 10 minutes on weekdays, and every 20 minutes at night and on weekends.

Swift bus rapid transit is different than regular local bus service. Customers pay their fares at the station. When the bus arrives, all doors open and passengers get on and off the bus in about 10 seconds. That’s Swift!

With frequent service and stations that are spaced farther apart than regular bus stops, Swift bus rapid transit offers the efficiency and appeal of light rail, constructed faster and at a fraction of the cost.


Building the Swift Green Line is the largest capital project in Community Transit's history. The entire enterprise has three main parts:

  • Construction of Swift Green Line stations

The Swift Green Line will serve 34 stations at 16 intersections and two terminals. Uniquely designed and highly visible, Swift stations include weather protection, seating, lighting, rider information, ticket vending machines, ORCA smart card readers and real-time next bus signs.

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  • Construction of the new Seaway Transit Center

The Seaway Transit Center will serve as the northern terminal for the Swift Green Line, as well as a hub for Paine Field bus service and private shuttles to nearby businesses, including Boeing.

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  • Widening 128th St. and other road improvements

In partnership with WSDOT and other agencies, Community Transit is also creating new road and signal improvements along the Swift Green Line route that will help Swift buses stay on schedule and benefit all traffic. These improvements include lane extensions, bus-only lanes, smarter traffic signals, pedestrian improvements and sidewalk access to Swift stations. 

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Bus rapid transit makes it easier for people to work, live and play without driving on congested roadways.

In fact, the current Swift Blue Line along Highway 99 is Snohomish County’s most popular transit route, attracting riders who don’t normally ride the bus but appreciate Swift’s reliability. Blue Line stations are a key element of the Evergreen Way Revitalization Plan – each station is the center of a mixed-use “node” that develops commercial and residential uses in a pedestrian-oriented setting.

Swift Green Line will connect with Swift Blue Line at Highway 99 & Airport Road. This establishes Snohomish County’s first high-capacity transit network, which will eventually include more Swift lines and Link light rail.

Swift Blue and Green Line Map