Swift Green Line

Construction is underway on the Swift Green Line, Community Transit's second bus rapid transit route.

Work has started on the 34 Swift stations that will line the corridor between Bothell and Boeing. Construction is also underway on a new transit center near Boeing and a road widening project near the I-5 overpass along 128th Street in south Everett. The Swift Green Line is scheduled to open for service in early 2019.

Our weekly newsletter, Swift Network News, provides the latest construction updates about the Swift Green Line, which includes these projects:

Swift Bus Rapid Transit offers the efficiency and appeal of light rail, delivered faster and at a fraction of the cost.

The initial Swift Blue Line on Highway 99 began operation in 2009. Community Transit envisions a network of Swift lines providing fast, easy connections throughout Snohomish County. The second line is called the Swift Green Line.


The Swift Green Line will connect the Boeing/Paine Field aerospace manufacturing area in Everett with the Canyon Park technology center in Bothell. The Everett-to-Bothell corridor was chosen because of several factors:
  • Existing lanes on part of the corridor for transit and right-hand turns only
  • High-density housing and concentrated jobs nearby
  • Corridor intersects with the first Swift line at Airport Road
  • New transit facility at the northern terminal: Seaway Transit Center

Construction is underway and will be in three phases:

  • Seaway Transit Center (at Seaway Blvd. & 75th Street near Boeing)
  • I-5 bridge approach at 128th Street (new right-hand lanes approaching I-5 from both sides)
  • 34 Swift stations and road improvements along Bothell-Everett Highway

Following construction, the goal is to launch Swift Green Line operations in early 2019.

Economic Impact

There are currently about 65,000 jobs in the Boeing/Paine Field vicinity, and 25,000 jobs in the Canyon Park area. Snohomish County is the manufacturing center of Washington State.

Fast, frequent new bus service between Canyon Park and Paine Field will provide more incentive for workers and shoppers to choose Swift instead of driving their cars. This eases congestion and brings economic vitality to the area.

For local businesses, the Swift network will provide reliable and frequent options for employees to get to work and will reduce the need for expanded parking facilities. When identifying locations for new facilities, real estate consultants rank highway accessibility as the number one consideration.

The Swift Green Line encourages business growth with convenient transit connections for these new businesses. Transit is also a great way for customers to access these businesses.

An expanded Swift network will help keep Snohomish County a great place to live, work and play.


The Swift Green Line will have 15 stations in each direction and two stations at each terminal, serving:SwiftGreen_SystemMap
  • Boeing
  • Paine Field passenger terminal and area businesses
  • Home Depot and the Swift Blue Line Station at Hwy 99
  • The Mariner, McCollum Park and Canyon Park park & rides
  • Fred Meyer at Silver Lake
  • North Mill Creek Sports Complex
  • Mill Creek Town Center
  • Thrasher's Corner
  • Canyon Park Business Center in Bothell

Much of the Swift Green Line will operate in Mill Creek. More information about the various road and sidewalk improvements that will be made in Mill Creek as part of this project can be found here.

A New Transit Facility

The Seaway Transit Center will be the Swift Green Line's northern terminal located on Seaway Blvd. and 75th Street in Everett across from Boeing's main entrance.

The Seaway Transit Center will provide an easy transfer point for all transit agencies serving Boeing, Fluke, Honeywell and other Paine Field area businesses.

Funding for the Seaway Transit Center has been secured through the Washington State Department of Transportation Regional Mobility Grant program.


The Swift Blue Line was the state's first Bus Rapid Transit line and has been in operation since 2009.

Workers, families, students and shoppers ride Swift to move quickly between destinations. In fact, one in six Community Transit riders use the Swift Blue Line and this increased activity has invigorated business development on the Highway 99 corridor.

Customers enjoy features like:

  • Stations about a mile apart
  • Frequent 12-minute departures on weekdays, 20 minutes at night & weekends
  • Real-time next bus signs
  • Off-board fare payment
  • Boarding at all three doors
  • On-board bike racks

Swift has attracted thousands of loyal passengers who never previously considered taking the bus.