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How to use our bike racks

Bike Rack Basics
Bike Rack Basics on Swift
When the Bike Rack is Full

Forget your bike on the bus?

It might be at our Lost & Found. Bicycles and other lost & found items are turned into Community Transit's RideStore. To claim a lost bike, call the RideStore at (425) 348-2350. Due to space limitations, bikes are only held for 10 days. The RideStore is located at the Lynnwood Transit Center, 20110 46th Ave. W, just west of the Interurban Trail. It is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Bike lockers at park & rides

A bike locker is a secure, weatherproof way to store your bike while you complete your trip on a bus, carpool or vanpool. Bike locker rental is available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis, at a rental rate of $60 per year plus a conditionally-refundable deposit of $50. For more information on Community Transit's bike locker program, contact the Bike Locker Coordinator at bikelockers@commtrans.org or (425) 348-2332.

Bikes with child carriers, long wheelbases (such as recumbents) or wide handlebars might not fit into bike lockers.

Locker Locations

Community Transit bike locker locations
Bike lockers at other Snohomish County locations (operated by other agencies)

Bike racks at park & rides

Park & ride locations with bike racks

Benefits of a Bike Commute

Bike commutes offer exercise and convenience from Community Transit on Vimeo.

Bicycling & Trail Map Bicycling & Trail Map Cover

The Snohomish County Area Bicycling & Trail Map is geared towards recreational and commuting cyclists and is intended to help inform the cyclist of popular areas and routes for riding. The trail maps highlight the Centennial Trail, Interurban Trail, and North Creek Trail and make it is easy to plan a safe and enjoyable bike trip anywhere in Snohomish County. It is packed with useful cycling tips, resources and information about combining your bike trip with a ride on a Community Transit bus. The full map is available to view or download (22mb).

Bicycling & Trail Map
Centennial Trail Map
Interurban Trail Map

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