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Start a New Vanpool

Vanpool makes getting to work easy, reliable, and affordable.

Form your own community and share the commute safely, with flexible schedule options and a monthly rate that covers all vehicle costs.

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To qualify for a Community Transit Vanpool, your commute must start or end at a location within Snohomish County, Washington State.

What do I need to start a Vanpool? 

  • Riders
    Vanpools form with at least five people per van. 

    Please note: As a temporary COVID-19 measure, Vanpools can consist of as few as two people to allow for physical distancing. Those riders fill the roles of driver and bookkeeper.

  • Driver(s)
    Vanpools have at least two assigned drivers. Vanpool drivers must complete an online defensive driving course and satisfy a driving record check. More drivers in a single Vanpool allows for more flexibility. 

    Please note: As a temporary COVID-19 measure, Vanpools can operate with just one driver. 

  • Bookkeeper
    Bookkeepers get online training to manage payments and monthly reports. 

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How do I find people to join my Vanpool?Passengers practicing safety precautions while vanpooling

  • Start with people you know
    You can recruit coworkers, neighbors , friends and family for your Vanpool.

  • Ask your employer
    Your worksite may also offer programs and services to help you find other riders. Many places have an Employee Transportation Coordinator who is trained to help employees find Vanpool matches. Check with your employer to see what options they provide.

  • Talk to your network
    Social media, message boards and community bulletins are also a great way to recruit fellow Vanpool riders. 

  • Use RideshareOnline to match with other riders 
    Search for people near you who may share a similar commute.

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