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Community Transit is here to get you where you want to go. We are proud to be a part of the Mill Creek community — we live here, ride here, and drive here. Wherever you need to go in Mill Creek feel good about how you get there.


About Mill Creek

Mill Creek has a variety of transit options. There are two Swift Bus Rapid Transit lines that run through Mill Creek. The Swift Green Line runs from Seaway to Canyon Park. The new Swift Orange Line, which runs from McCollum Park & Ride to Edmonds College, connects riders to Lynnwood Transit Center and Link Light Rail coming in fall of 2024 . People traveling to and from the area can connect with local transit options at three nearby transit hubs including Ash Way Park & Ride, Mariner Park & Ride, and McCollum Park & Ride. Mill Creek riders can find service through by Community Transit buses, DART paratransit service, and Vanpool. Sound Transit also provides service to local park & rides. North Creek Trail also offers nearby options for pedestrians and bikers.

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Blog / Published on Mar 10, 2023

Community Transit ridership increased 19% in 2022

Nearly a million more riders boarded Community Transit buses, vanpools, and paratransit vehicles than the previous year

Bus full of passengers on a bus

Community Transit has released its end-of-the-year ridership numbers for 2022 and the data shows a positive trend in total system boardings. 

The transit agency reported a total of 5.8M boardings in 2022, a significant increase over 4.9M boardings in 2021. Fixed-route bus service experienced a 19% increase. Breaking it down further, average weekday boardings increased by 20%, average Saturday boardings increased 14%, and average Sunday boardings increased 15% .

Swift Bus Rapid Transit
One of the significant contributing factors to the increase in boardings was Swift Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which accounted for almost 36% of total fixed-route boardings. The Swift Blue and Green lines together showed an average increase of 14% on weekdays, 11% on Saturdays, and 10% on Sundays. In comparison to the previous year, Swift BRT service had an increase of 240k total boardings.

DART Paratransit
The DART paratransit service performed well in 2022, with a 24% increase in total boardings. DART ridership was up 23% in average weekday boardings, 22% on Saturdays, and 34% on Sundays. 

Vanpool total boardings went up 22% in ’22, almost 51k more boardings than the previous year. As of now there is 252 Vanpool vehicles on the road versus 219 at the end of 2021.

Zip Alderwood Shuttle started service in October 2022 and ridership numbers were not included in this report.

Many factors have contributed to the increase in transit ridership, including the loosening of COVID-19 policies and attitudes, which allowed people to return to office work and other activities. The introduction of the free youth transit pass in September 2022 also had a positive impact on the boardings.